A Paranormal Epic

Live Reading Performance In 2011

Long ago, we produced Theatre Plays. We did rehearsals, we did live readings, preview nights, world premieres – you name it, we did it. As most businesses have certain handicaps to struggle through, ours was always in documenting our shows. After writing, casting, producing, directing, and hosting, you tend to leave hitting the record button on the back burner. You think more about the audience and reviewers over the future reminiscence you would want to savor tomorrow. So…we lost many of what we had, sometimes our programs and flyers would run out, and so…yeah. Nada.

Luckily, on 2011, we had a Media Manager, and he gave us unlimited volunteers to help us produce our media content – filling our Flickr account with hundreds of photos. Unbelievable, beautiful, and still an amazing collection to return to. Our thanks go to Kyle Niitsuma, Daniel Irvin, Candice Koeth, and Elysia Funtiveros (whose creative eye captured these great pictures of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy – presented at the Pasadena Central Library, on December 2011).



Project Italy

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