A Paranormal Epic

Testing, testing…

On the most unfortunate of days, for one reason or the other, our Cast never got to the recording studio, and all seemed lost. And, we did what Theatre taught us best – we improvised.

The project was simple: bring your script, and get the production done. Now, it sound tyrannical to expect six people to record a two hour long script in one day, for free – especially when they had experience in the entertainment industry for over five years – but they were willing to do it for charity. Scheduling the date of production on their time, we attempted to complete the project in one day. It was almost perfect, except for one detail: no one came. No one, but one Producer and one Director. Some said that they were stuck in another production, others said they couldn’t get off work – whatever it was, we lost money. The production was a bust.

Pedro, the Producer, asked the Director, Stefanie, to try her voice in reading a monologue. She thought it was a fun idea, and the little red light on the sound board flashed. The studio was small, nestled on the second floor, in the heart of downtown LA. They said it was dingy, they said it was ghetto, but the job was magic. One monologue turned to two, and soon after, they returned with six cuts. Edited personally by our Producer, the collection was beautiful. He didn’t know she could act. He demanded that she take the role, but looking at each other, Stefanie and I shook our heads. “Without a Director, the Actors will be lost. It’s an unknown story.” I said.

And so, here we are, with the only copy of the Stefanie’s voice acting on file, reading a monologue from Fate Pendulum, as the character Vida. Enjoy!

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