A Paranormal Epic

Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy

PREMIERE: Sept. 5, 2014 – PRINT: Program


Ninja-Con Presents

A Drift Plume Production

“The fate of the world is in the hands of one teenage girl, holding the key to unlock the gates
of heaven and hell, in this paranormal thriller hidden in the haunted isles of Northern Italy.”




imageWords cannot begin to describe how excited and honored Yuki is for the chance to work with Azure Lorica. A regular college student by day, by night she becomes a more game, music and anime focused girl. Normally she is found playing the guitar or singing or drawing/sketching whatever comes to mind. But catch her when she’s in her gaming mood and you’ll see the weirdest gamer ever. Her downtime would usually include night walks along the beach or watching marathons of horror or animation movies, listening to music all night, or typing up a story. Overall, Yuki is a pretty confusing character… Even I have trouble figuring out what’s going on sometimes!

MIGUEL COSTA – Julius Kros


imageMiguel Costa is honored to be a part of the ‘Project Italy’ series and the ‘Azure Lorica’ familia. He graduated from an improv comedy school called “The Upright Citizens Brigade” in Hollywood, California as well as “The Musician’s Institute” in Hollywood, California. He enjoys attending art shows, watching classic horror films, reading vampire literature, reciting poetry and drinking red wine.



imageVincent Vecino is proud to be working with Azure Lorica after having done Hospitality work for IHG. He has previously worked as an Emcee for NinjaCon and as an Atmosphere Actor for CENEX. When not busy singing or playing the piano, he can be found reading, writing salacious poetry, modding PCs, tending his 3 dogs, drinking boba tea, being Batman and fussing with his beard.

VALERIE JAIMES – Dr. Olivia Gentry


imageValerie Jaimes is super excited to be a part of this production. Thanks to this oppurtinity, she is now decided on pursuing theater. “I’ve always been pretty ‘artsy’ I guess you can say. I’ve thought about acting, but never really anything else besides the thought of Hollywood. Now I see that you can have fun with the arts in just about any way. I was a server at one point, and that’s when I realized that theater is all around us. I say this because one must maintain composure, even in the most stressful situations, and smile no matter what. But I’m just weird though.Wait..that last part was random.”



10668348_723913267664287_1666244069_nTori Rodger has been immersed in the world of theatre for most of her life and has tried many aspects of it. At Lakewood High School she took four years of acting classes and directed 3 plays, as well as took 2 years of stage technology and worked many different positions such as lighting electrician, grip, and even stage manager. Currently she is attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to pursue her dream of costume design. She is beyond happy to have been given this opportunity to work with Azure Lorica for their production of Project Italy and she hopes to be able to work with them in the future.



imageOriginally from San Diego, his first noted gig would come from the launching of his voice over career via a guest spot on the popular animated series “Dragonball Z. An accomplished actor and comedian, Jon brings an energy to the stage matched only by hobos fighting over a piece of meat. Jon is really an old man who lives in the sea, but no one will ever catch him OR his magical lucky charms.




It’s been a long journey, creating and writing Fate Pendulum. The art and scripts between Plays and short stories have been a treasure in Eugene’s humble collection of stories. Eugene enjoys reading Essays and Poetry, a veteran gamer and anime fan, and is addicted to all, but musical, Theatre. Eugene likes to write in third person. Eugene feels comfortable in learning more about Eugene, as he continues to describe his magnificent hobby. Eugene is pleased. He now thanks you for reading. Please continue reading. It feels nice. Thank you. Eugene is still writing, the Director just cut the next paragraph.

STEFANIE WARNER – Playwright, Director, Sound Designer


Graduate of the Art Institute, Stefanie Warner is the proud Director of several plays in the Los Angeles area. All have been produced under Azure Lorica Inc.(501c3) her and her husband’s brainchild. By day she is a freelance Graphic/Web Designer specializing in Corporate Identity for small businesses. On her days off you can catch her reading, drinking tea, and writing on her blog: teaspectral. She would like to thank her cast for showing her the meaning of dedication, her family for the incredible support, and her Board at Azure Lorica for proving that insanity is better with company.



Winning the 2008 Anime Expo “Last Comic Stand” comedy competition has lead Danny “Dboy” Gonzales to opened many doors as a producer. With 4 years of stand up comedy experience (main stream comedy shows and anime conventions) and 13 years as a church ministry leader at his church has given Danny the edge to be one of Azure Lorica’s best producers. Producing 9 comedy shows and operating as chairman of Ninja-Con has given him the reputation as a successful team player. Love of cats, cold weather and Asian food is what drives D-boy for success.

PEDRO ORTIZ – Executive Producer


Pedro D. Ortiz jack of all trades and a Megaman fanatic, started as a sound engineer at his church; and helping other productions along his life. Is a person ready for a challenge and new adventures. Is humbled to work with Azure Lorica, putting many of his skills to use all at once. Not being scared of a challenge, continues to help Azure Lorica as an Executive producer. When not working on his projects, he could be found playing adventures games, jogging, reading, or doing photography.

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