A Paranormal Epic



Art by Stefanie Warner


Fate Pendulum is a story that surrounds a young girl, Vida, who holds a key to the spiritual world. There are mortals and immortals that will stop at nothing to gain this power, and there are the few that will protect it, even at the cost of their own soul. Join Vida, as she encounters new allies, fearsome demons, and the world we can never fathom.

Fate Pendulum. Heaven and Hell is only a step away.


Produced independently as a world premiere at The Gene Bua: Acting For Life Theatre! in Burbank, California, by StarGazerZ Productions in 2005, PROJECT ITALY – the first book of this saga – was born. Created and written by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner, Fate Pendulum has been produced independently in small theaters in Los Angeles, CA, and has been kept in the vault of Azure Lorica, only to be performed on stage on rare occasions – between other theatrical productions for the community of Pasadena.

Now released from the vault once again, Project Italy, in its final draft, is being produced as a visual novel. From the characters to the landscapes of Europe, the demons and the people fighting to live beyond their limits, the heart and drama in epic proportions, the story now comes to digital media – to your home and mobile. Join us as we reproduce this beautiful story for the new generation.

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Fate Pendulum is a visual novel series, created and written by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner.

Currently in pre-production: PROJECT ITALY

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