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The Book of Enoch

Back in College, I took my chances at studying religion. Running through different denominations of Christianity and Muslim, I came across two intriguing types of characters: one was the Jinn, a demon-like creature that was created out of fire, and the other were half-demons, the race of Goliath. We can debate over which religion is right or wrong, but the point is that these characters sound awesome! As an entertainer, I was more than willing to play with these concepts through fiction.

The story of half-demons came from the Book of Enoch, a book rarely found in regular Bibles. It’s an old book, written by the great grand-father of Noah, or as sources said, whom recorded the names of the fallen angels and their description. This Jewish text was written in Ga’az and Aramaic, and was “uncannonize-able” due to the fact that it was not a record about God, nor was it “God-breathed” or inspired. So because of the Godless matter, the book has been set aside as just another record of trivia – hardly noted by a majority of the Christian community, except by Ethiopia, which find half-man, half-demon giant savages a relevant thing to the religion.

Jinns on the other hand weren’t savages, ironically. At least, not all of them. These creatures were magical, who didn’t want to serve God, but they had powers that rivaled the Angels. I know them best as creatures of fire from the Quoran, who served Solomon, upon summoning. People know them as Genies. Yes, that blue guy from the Disney movie Aladdin, he is a Jinn. The funny thing about them is that they are actually free creatures, that are allowed to live as they like, but in stories, people seem to use them for battles and wish granting – like Pokemons! Some stories, like in 1001 Arabian Nights, a Sorcerer was turned into a Genie by another Sorcerer, to serve people for eternity, as a slave bound by a lamp. Most text mention that they don’t mind helping people, but of course, who could resist a good story?

I personally never liked the idea of savage giants, but what if someone was half-Jinn? Sorcerer-like men, unable to reach heaven, but had the power of angels? Now, I know it was risky to test this concept out, so I labeled the character as half-demon anyway, to give the understanding to the broad audience what kind of intent characters like Julius Kros and Joshua Ayala are all about. Too much explanation can deter a reader from interest, or a viewer from watching – so to relieve myself of being the next Chaucer, I’ve branded the concept for ease: half-demons, the cursed relatives of mankind.

Here is a rendition of a Jinn.