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Watercolor Rorschach


There is so much going on right now. As newly weds we are having a bit of our downs with the relentless work ,and keeping time to be together. But lately, I’ve discovered something that always seems to get my week started right: Watercolors.

Here and there I’ve started to carry a new sketchbook with thick paper around (a gift from my wonderful husband) and making sketches when I can in between grabbing a bite to eat and sitting in at meetings. Vida came to my mind the other day; she is a grey ghost I wish to never rid myself of, and I made this as a sketch.

After finishing my shit a few hours ago, I cleaned my desk clean and started to paint. Now I’m sharing her with the rest of you lovely people. She is currently my Rorschach, my meditation that this is a beautiful story to be told.

Thank you for being a part of my week everyone! I hope this brings you cheer as it did me at the end of my week. (In the case of most of you, a great way to begin yours)


The Truth About Muses

Project Italy Promo 2014

The Fate Pendulum team is less than a week away from our big reveal debut at Ninjacon 2014. As the Director/Co-writer I am going through so many emotions right now, and I thought I would share it with you all.

We’ve been preparing for our panel, finally announcing our lovely up and coming cast. We’ve been spending endless sleepless weeks preparing the content, artwork, and flyers to reach out on this project. I feel the aches and pains in my shoulder and weary eyes, but I can’t help but feel like this is one big De Ja Vu. I remember this feeling… from about 8 years ago… I remember when I first got serious about writing the Fate Pendulum novels, after the play I knew that this story could speak more to me. It’s a story about the human condition, it brings the question of the heart to both hero and villain. When my pen hit the paper there was no going back.

When it all comes down to it, I was a much happier person those 8 years ago. Because as the Birds fly, the Writer wrote, and the Director directed. Yes fellow artist and supporters, the De Ja Vu of pursuit of the dream is a very blessed and humbling experience. In the mysterious world where there are haunting pasts, cataclysmic ordeals, and aching desire for a family I have found my abode.

My lesson of the week: Keep going or your only half a person.

Muses are there to allow us to live. The chase of them alone is a rush, but a cooperative relationship with them is bliss. As life got ‘busy’ with school then work, that relationship eroded on my end. I am so gracious that my muse is strong (it helps that my husband follows the same muse, but lets leave that for another post). I look at the art from my hands and I am blown away to see that vision that has been crept for away for so many years. I see the subscribers and followers to this page and I am blown away with the support! How selfish would it be for me to have kept Fate Pendulum pent up in my mind away from the rest of you? The poor Muse carrying the stigma of  being selfish, but in the end, isn’t it us that our selfish neglecting our gifts to share?

Others are just as blessed with my muses relationship as I am. For the process and the results are a journey of awareness.

If you are stopping by Ninjacon this year, please look for our table at the entrance of Artist Alley (We’ll be covered in a blue tapestry). We’ll be holding a raffle to give away 4 tickets to Ninjacon 2015! We’ll also have lovely postcards of the above artwork to take home for free. Our panel will be at 3:00 PM in Garden Room B.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Thank you once again for the overwhelming support, from the bottom of our hearts!

Dreaming While Writing

Writing the story was always fun with Stef. It was an escape for us both, wishing that we could be in that world sometimes – though dark and dangerous, the ability to become something supernaturally gifted, resolving the episode with some extravagant battle was so exciting, enticing, amazing! We were kids growing up together through college. Rather than a car, we started Plays. It was great working in California – experimental theatre was all around us. From black box to fringe in NoHo, sex and ethnic swapping roles in traditional Shakespeare Plays at Santa Monica, to lovely masquerades on the rooftops of Koreatown – we never ran out of inspiration. Being an Artist never felt so good…and expensive. We were friends with amazing art agents who hopped couches, producers who lived and traveled in their car, and couples who got engaged and bunked in the dorms (stretching their years in college loans by switching majors from an associates to masters degrees) – all working hard to someday get their break in the business. We were all dreamers, and we fought for it all.

While Project Italy was still being written, Stef and I would draw the characters and our favorite scenes. Sometimes we would create scenes we wish could’ve fit into the story a few chapters back, and would revel in ideas of “what if’s” during afternoon tea. We would say that someday this dreaming might end, but we always flailed our hands, and said that day might come, but the future has yet to come. “Que cera!” we would mutter, as we toast to a cup of Pu-erh sipping its hot leaves between our lipsticks, at a cafe, in the Holiday Inn, during Anime Expo, Cosplayed as characters I no longer recognize, among other Jack Sparrows and Escaflowne cat girls.

It was college. It was weird, but we were artists. And we dreamed all the way through.