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One Fateful Night

Drift Plume has taken its first step with Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy. ¬†As a preview in Ninja-Con 2014, the audience was only able to hear who was speaking, but last Friday, at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach (CALB), performing the whole script as a theatrical read made all the difference. As a writer, it feels amazing to have me and my cowriter’s words come to life. And all the more impressing was the announcement of the Visual Novel and Radio Drama in the works! The audience were darling, the Cast superb, and the Producers were impressive. It was a fantastic experience and I’m excited to see all that is in store for Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy.

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Preparing For Italy

Yesterday, Azure Lorica built the stage for the live reading of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy. Produced by Drift Plume, presented by Ninja-Con, our show will be premiering at CALB, this Friday, 7:00PM!

Doors open 6:30PM, and admission is FREE! We encourage donation for this community event, to help us continue our cause for the Arts. And to let you in with us are the following sneak peek photos of the early stages of bringing Project Italy to life!

Visit us for more info: fatependulum.com

Humble Beginning

Originally, the story of Project Italy was just for fun. My co-writer and I created the story throughout our years in highschool and college, and after completing the first draft, we couldn’t help by create more. We wrote stories after stories, scenarios after scenarios – many of which were lost through out our years of moving on to new computers, laptops, and messengers. Long before Facebook was mainstream, we wrote, and we wrote, and soon after we made Plays, and then a Convention, and now we’re back to writing more because we have a fantastic idea of creating a visual novel. We hope that you can join us for our upcoming show: FATE PENDULUM’S PROJECT ITALY

When we continued the story of Project Italy, new characters were created. Some of them became significant, others became permanent. In all due respect, any of them could have been discarded, but in all due respect, they made their presence too strong to neglect. I wish I can unveil more to you, dear reader, but for now, do enjoy Fate Pendulum’s original characters.