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Watercolor Rorschach


There is so much going on right now. As newly weds we are having a bit of our downs with the relentless work ,and keeping time to be together. But lately, I’ve discovered something that always seems to get my week started right: Watercolors.

Here and there I’ve started to carry a new sketchbook with thick paper around (a gift from my wonderful husband) and making sketches when I can in between grabbing a bite to eat and sitting in at meetings. Vida came to my mind the other day; she is a grey ghost I wish to never rid myself of, and I made this as a sketch.

After finishing my shit a few hours ago, I cleaned my desk clean and started to paint. Now I’m sharing her with the rest of you lovely people. She is currently my Rorschach, my meditation that this is a beautiful story to be told.

Thank you for being a part of my week everyone! I hope this brings you cheer as it did me at the end of my week. (In the case of most of you, a great way to begin yours)


A complete Illustration

I thought I’d take a minute to introduce you to the lovely Illustrations that debut at Ninja-con 2014 for the badge artwork. Eugene and I wanted to freshen the characters for the new start. We couldn’t have been happier with the way that they turned out. After so long we get to see the characters in all of their different personalities and glory. I’m sure that you’ve seen some of these photos lurking about the site in various posts, I thought that I would stop teasing you and show them in all in one post.

So without further wait, here they are!

imageThe lovely Angel of Stone in her human form. ( I personally love her freckles!) This is the first time that we’ve ever drawn her in her human form, and I’m so glad that we did! It really captures her sweet vibrant personality. Now imagine her nestled deep into Vida’s adolescent subconscious.

imageHere’s the Angel of Creed in his human form. For years I wrote him under the description of a strange young man that follows the characters from a distance in a business suit and a suitcase. I like the fresh young look that we gave him, and that Wiley hair makes him look slightly out of place. If you hadn’t noticed the trend, the Angel’s have tips on their hair. In their ethereal form we go with the color blue. This is because in various cultures the color blue is considered a sacred scerene color.



Finally! Dr. Olivia Gentry in all of her wonder. We wanted a woman worn with age, but strengthened with determination. I love that distant look on her face, it shows a secret story that she has to tell with her actions. Imagine the fantastic stories she could tell over a coffee meet up about all her immortal clients and her dances with death.


The handsome devious Julius Kros. It’s safe to say that out of all our characters, this was the one that has kept a timeless unaltered look. How could we not? His features are what gives us a face that can express so much! From that twisted smile to the knit eyebrows, devious is written all over our villain.


Now we have a good look of Sparrow (real alias Sylvia Bishop) the caretaker of Vida before reuniting with Josh. Page may be an endearing character, but be warned that she packs a punch! I can’t wait to write the beautiful scenes with her in it. Because she’s the voice of reason for the mortal aspect of the story.


Joshua Ayala(the Black Shade) with a beautiful distant look. I know he’s one if the more commonly drawn characters out of the cast, but this illustration draws out all of his features.


I put more research into this version of Vida. My struggle was keeping her youthful looks without something rosy and bubbly. It’s a bit cliche, but I almost gave her the features you would find described in a victorian classic female. She’s not as delicate, but she carries those piercing focused eyes that speak multitudes for the character. A big inspiration for her is Jane Eyre, for the very essence that she carries herself and the ones that she love. “Clever little Vida… You can get into trouble that way”


As a bonus, I wanted to show you Michel whom we used to represent the staff badges. Michel doesn’t show up in the story until after Project Italy. I used him for the staff as almost a ‘hidden character’. If I had to chose a favorite character Michel would have to be it. He’s saved by Angel of Stone and later becomes Vida’s scribe. I’ll save him for another post.

This concludes our current set of illustrations. We hope that you enjoy them! Thank you for your continual support,

Vida: the character that grew up

imageThey’re are some things that you seem to hold on to that only you could really understand. Then there’s that moment when you think to yourself “Holy Cow, this thing is a decade old!” I wish I could say this in regards to my fixation with the character Vida, but sadly it’s grown from a hot mess to about a similar experience of a  mother watching her daughter fly the coop for college.

Like most teenage girls, I created a heroine that reflected everything I wish I could ever be and then some. There was a deep secret inside of me every time the words projected on the screen that I wanted to eventually become Vida. Vida, or at the time ‘Stef’ began as a therapeutic outlet in an exchange of emails with my best friend on hot summer days. Unlike the regular email exchange, he had created several different aliases to be his comic characters, he was after all a freshman in college ready to take on his Theatre minor. The replies to those characters I would soon learn was me doing a little acting myself.

When I started to gePlayhouse_by_HealingMercyt older and my reading taste grew, I started to realize that the character that I had created of Stef was a gem in my little treasure trove of writing. I loved her because she could be honest and impulsive, and that ideal of what was a heroine started to change. Upon releasing the first play of Project Italy to the theatre world, the character of Stef was an experience of being reborn. Until this day, I think the thing that makes Vida a character of charm is the fact that she can be candid with her emotions and reaction to the events around her. This is something I think is either overly salted or rarely touched in the world of fantasy genres that I would like to think that I created a character that the reader/watcher could dive into the world without the disappointment of her turning into a ‘Mary Sue’ of a creature.

After the first play we started to write more stories involving these characters. Those stories have become the epic that Fate Pendulum has been coined to this day. That best friend had become my boyfriend, Producer, co-writer, and recently husband. While my life was changing the teenage girl dreams that were an ideal version of myself was farther from the truth. After calling her the character of Stef for so long, we had to go our ways and the name of Vida (meaning life and death) had been adopted. I can say that these early stages of the Fate Pendulum story were where  she really began to take her true form. In this story she is a teenager soon to be in her twenties, and she goes through her own form of growing pains. This is a human side to the story where we see her grow up into her role of heroine.

I like to think of Vida and I being good old friends. We’ve had a cup of tea and a keyboard or journal between both our worlds for years. Except we’ve reached a point in our relationship where she’s holding me to my promise to her even after several years had passed. I need to tell her story. Thank you for all who support this blog, because in a way, you are holding me to my word.  For this truth I am blessed.

(the Ist)